Painter and Illustrator




My work brings together a lifetime’s love of language and literature with joy in looking at the natural world.

Inspiration comes from poetry, words of wisdom found in the traditions of East
and West as well as other texts which have meaning for me and, hopefully, resonate with others too.

Illustration is also a wonderful way of remaining in touch with places I love; from the snowy winters of Finland, to unspoiled islands around the coast of Britain and to the numerous tiny islands that make up the magical city of Venice. Working from sketches made at the time, collecting objects, papers, textiles and mementoes, I re-work them into more precise and finished drawings and watercolours in the studio.

I enjoy creating individual artist’s books to commission for a special occasion, especially leporello accordion books, painting traditional initials on vellum to order and assembling “trompe l’oeil” memory pieces expressive
of the delightful variety in every life.

Please do take a look at my past and present work in the Gallery and find details
and my contact address on the About page.

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